Hi Everyone,  I just want to remind you of some resources in case you need extra support this weekend.  I recommend liking each of their pages in case you or someone you know needs these services in the future.

If you want some peer support from a woman who has overcome BPD and is now offering peer coaching (as well as support to family members and loved ones of those of us with BPD — gently guiding them in coping and learning how to validate and support us while taking care of themselves, check out Teresa Lynne at Essence Happens, Mental Health and Wellness Coaching.  She’s wonderful. I spent an hour with her on the phone last week and enjoyed every moment. [www.essencehappens.com]

If you are looking to chat (online or by phone) with a licensed therapist or receive a detailed email reply to your concerns, check out Amparo Penny. She has many years of clinical experience, including DBT.  [www.amparopenny.com]. Amparo doesn’t yet have a FB page, but you can check out her site to learn more about her and what she offers. 

If you feel you need intensive services for emotion regulation issues and are in or can get to the Southern California area, check out Help for BPD: Roanne Treatment Program. They have specialists who are passionate about helping those of us with BPD.  [http://www.roanneprogram.com//?source=hfbpdFB]

If you need help finding a DBT therapist, group, or in-patient program in your area, you can reach out to My Dialectical Life.  Amanda Smith is also recovered from BPD and is a peer providing services such as advocating and negotiating on your behalf on things like fees for the treatment that you need and want. She also runs a daily DBT email service called “My Dialectical Life,” which I subscribe to and love: [http://mydialecticallife.com/?source=hfbpdFB]

If you’re looking for an online DBT group as well as insights from a DBT therapist, check out Alicia MA LLPC.  I will be co-facilitating an online DBT group with her starting next week, and we are still taking a waiting list! [http://aliciapazdbt.blogspot.com/2013/02/online-dbt-group.html]

Hope these are all helpful!  Please let me know if you know of additional resources.  Have you used any of these? Do you think you will?