I have been experiencing extreme anxiety and panic. Relate? My ideas for coping (and why I’m so anxious!) ►►


The Accidental Flirt: Setting Boundaries When You Have BPD (or BPD traits)

  • Feeling alone or lonely? When I feel that way, I sometimes go and look at the little globe midway down the right side of my blog ( that lights up in real time where ppl are visiting from when they land on any page. It's always fun to click and see where people are all around the world. If you're feeling lonely tonight, come check out the globe and see where others are who are up at this moment, also reading about working on their recovery from #BPD. #neveralone #connected

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"You are valuable and irreplaceable. If you are ever told otherwise, do not believe it."

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  • For those of us who are very sensitive when it comes to the news (on TV, radio, online, etc.), consider taking a break. Ask yourself how much this is contributing to your well-being. While it's important to have an idea about what is going on in the world, it is often more important for us to just get the "Reader's Digest" version rather than getting absorbed in the news. It's okay to have compassion for others who are suffering, but if you become dysregulated, this adds to the suffering of the whole. Take breaks. Watch something funny. Go for a walk. Know that it doesn't mean that you don't care. It means that you do AND you understand the importance of taking care of YOU. <3 Debbie
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Hey there… if you missed my Google Hangout, here is the video… you can watch it now at: I answer questions about DBT and BPD in general (and how I overcame Borderline Personality Disorder using Dialectical Behavior Therapy), and I answer questions about my upcoming online course where I teach you the skills in real-time. Debbie


Sliding Scale ONLINE, LIVE DBT Program for YOU!

Happy Weekend everyone — Something VERY special for you… Due to the response on my sliding scale offering for online #DBT #Mindfulness, and after reflection and because of many other variables, I will be, going forward, offering my online #DBT group at a sliding scale to make it more accessible to people who need it. I realize that, even still, some will not be able to attend at this time. Please know that I care about each of you very much, and this decision is one that takes into account so many things. I really look forward to working with many of you in this program. It is weekly 90-minute LIVE online classes with me, going through the DBT modules. There are lots of other things included, too, and the next round begins August 11th, so please reserve your spot early. Thank you everyone — I am blessed and honored to be able to be a part of your own personal healing journey in this way. Debbie Go read more now and sign up at:!dbt-program-online-class-group/cqj5